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The White Flag Principle:
How to lose a war

The White Flag Principle was written in London, in English, in 1968-69, and was published in London (Allen Lane, The Penguin Press), New York (Simon & Schuster), Paris (Denoel) in 1972, and in Italy (Bompiani) in 1975. In his memoirs Shimon writes at length about the inception of the book, the meticulous research he carried out for writing the book in the British Library, the process of writing and its reception. (read The White Flag Principle: The beginning and Writing the book).

Unexpectedly, the book had a second life in the 1990s when Gilad Atzmon introduced it to his literary agent (The Susijn Agency). Subsequently the book was translated into several languages and was re-published in USA (2002), Germany (2003), Holland (2004), Greece (2003), Japan (2003), Denmark (2002) and Spain (2005). However, for Shimon, the publication of the book in Hebrew, in Israel, in 1995 was particularly significant (read about The White Flag Principle: In Hebrew and read an interview with Amnon Birman [H]. The book (in English) has been purchased by the CIA library, and is on the reading list of at least one US military academy.