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About Shimon

Moshe Machover, Elizabeth Nussbaum and Steve Ballog Obituary - Shimon Tzabar.
The Guardian, 2 April 2007

Michael B Tusbarahindi is dead.
Obituary to Shimon Tzabar. Yedi'ot Aharonot, March 2007 [H]

Gideon Spiro In Memory of Shimon Tzabar
Smartut Adom,4 May 2007 [H, PDF opens in new window]

Tamara Traubmann Shimon Tzabar, 81 dies in London.
Ha'aretz online 21 March 2007

Daphna Baram Shimon Tzabar: dissident writer and activist.
The Independent 24 March 2007


Gila Ballas The artists and their work: Shimon Tzabar.
Catalogue: Social Realism in the 50's, Political Art in the 90s. Haifa Museum, Museum of Art. 1998.


Adam Baruch Tzabar, good to see you.
7 Yamim, Yedi'ot Ahronot. 30 June 1989 [H]

Adam Baruch Shimon Tzabar: A grown up man hides under a mushroom.
Shishi, Ma'ariv, 2 November 94 [H]

Natan Zach Portrait of the revolutionary as a retired plasterer.
Ha'olam Hazze [H]

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7 Yamim, Yedi'ot Aharonot [H]

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Kolbo, 24 March 1989 [H]

Natan Zach Im tirtzu ve im lo tirtzu. Ein zo agada. Excerpt from the play with pictures.
Ha'olam Hazze, 18 April 1989 [H]

Orly Toren Im tirtzu ve im lo tirtzu, Shimon Tzabar is visiting his homeland.
Jerusalem, 23 December 1988 [H]


Yehuda Shenhav I cry out to the soil.
Review of Mita'am 4. Ha'aretz in English online. 29 June 2007

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Ha'aretz, 23 December 1966 [H, PDF opens in new window]

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An evening in memory of Shimon Tzabar, 20 October 2007 [PDF opens in new window]


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