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Thus Spoke Tusbarahindi

Ko Amar Tusbarahindi is a small book with black and white pictures that were collated by Shimon from old books, and aphorisms that are for most part variants on familiar sayings in Hebrew, or Shimon’s own messages that use the traditional format of such sayings. Pictures and text are thematically related, and appear on facing pages. Shimon started publishing ‘Tusbarahindi’s sayings’ at the end of his Kotzo Shel Tzabar coloumn in Ha’olam Hazze, in 1961. Here are some examples of the aphorisms, translated into English. Admittedly, they sound better in the original.

Gaps in education are stuffed with newspaper cuttings

Truth cannot be divided. It can be added to, subtracted from or multiplied

Some animals eat grass, some animals eat flesh but none of them lick honey

Every one lives forever but only temporarily

The shortest distance between two points is a dotted line

If you cannot make a living, even health is a disease

The best defence is a heart attack