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Ha’olam Habba (The next world)

Ha‘olam Habba (The next world) was Shimon's first attempt to edit a satirical page in a commercial paper (though during his army service he was involved in the artistic design of the army's magazine, Bamahanne). He continued to show his talents for editing in Tzipor Hannefesh and in Israel Imperial News. The page of Ha‘olam Habba existed prior to Shimon's joining Ha‘olam Hazze and it kept the pseudonym of its editor Lili Galili, and its overall format. Nevertheless it is not difficult to pinpoint the time at which he took over the editing of the page. He introduced new features, politically relevant puzzles, and offered prizes for real (or fake) readers' contributions to the page. Some of the pages selected for the website refer to the great political scandal of 1961, the Lavon affair (interesting for those who still remember it) [H].